~A Perfect Harmony~


The Honests


...Always watching over us and guiding us and protecting us. But they do much more. Much more than ordinary Component elementalists know of...


Lacia- A young girl, who is very small. She is four feet ten inches tall and thirteen years old. She's young for a Ruler. Her hair is a beautiful golden blonde color, and it is a bit wavey. Her eyes are a lovely gray, and look greenish sometimes. And she has very, very long eyelashes. She's cheery and sweet, and in high spirits a lot. She gets distressed and sad sometimes but her sadness never lasts for more than an hour. When she gets spurts of energy she gets tired out afterward, and she gets those spurts a lot. She's really hyper and jittery most of the time. Some might call her a bit psycho or crazy, but she has a serious side, too. She thinks a lot about things and might go headfirst but she plans a lot of the time. She relies on her Mage and Right Hand for a lot of things. Her powers are the ability to control nature, and she can control the light and air, too. Three elements is very, very, very, very rare. It almost never happens. Since her first element was nature, she still hasn't completely mastered air and light. She got air while being a Component and then got her light ability when she became Royal.

~The Royal is the ruler of all the Honests elementalists. They have the supreme power over them. They are known to have the most burden on their backs, and are gifted with the ability to control light, besides their main element.~

Right hand-

Felicity- Felicity is a 12 year old girl and is the second hand of the Honests. She has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Felicity is very jittery and she doesn't stand still ever, unless it is very serious. She like Lacia, is young to be the second hand. She is good friends with Lacia. Felicty's power is the ability to control Ice. She has almost mastered her Ice power but still needs a bit more practice, she hopes that she can find other powers some day after she has mastered her ice power.

~The Right hand is always by the Royal's side, and is most trusted by them. They are one of the only ones to know many secrets, and are second in command.~

Prince- (Do not join as)

Princess- (Do not join as)

~The Princess and Prince have much power. They are not the children of the Royal, as in other places the Princess and Prince are known to be.~


Zora Vindetta: a tall girl with maroon-ish eyes that seem to glow, and long silky purple hair. She is a Protector, a Mage. Zora is a nature lover, and wears loose clothing; she hates stuffy clothes. She's also not that sassy type, and doesn't care for wealth and extreme jewelry. She's perfectly fine with simplicity. She also loves nature, and often likes to plainly sit in a forest and listen to the sound of the trees. Her element is wind, and, being a Mage, has a special connection with that element. She can 'talk' to the wind, and asks it to do stuff for her; people might think that that is a weird way of thinking, but to her, wind isn't below her, it's equal. Zora is very nice and talkative, cheerful, and almost-never a debbie-downer. She's a good Mage, too, very nice and patient, although she does snap occasionally if her patients don't listen to her. In short, Zora is a really gentle, kind, and very talkative Mage with a golden heart.

Mage's helper-

Miku Yoshida- A hyper girl with long cyan/cerulean hair, which she usually puts up in ponytails. Her hair goes to just above her knees. Her eyes color matches that of her hair. She has a nice smile. Maybe that's because she always has a big grin on her face, no matter the situation. She is four feet nine but that's normal of a girl her age. She is eleven years old, but do not underestimate her. She's a super fast runner and jumper, and most importantly is great at white magic. She also loves dancing and music, and is a great singer. She's very fashionable, too. She's probably way too hyperactive and crazy, and never really gets serious. She loves playing and having fun and has a short attention span, because her mind wanders quickly. But if she tries really hard to concentrate, she can. She's extremely careless and  hardly ever thinks things through, which can be an impediment. Her element is that she can control water, and 'talk' to it. She and the water are very good friends. Because just as her mentor has a special connection with air, Miku does with water.

~Mage's have white magic, which is a pure magic. They can use this to heal and cast spells. They seem to have the most connection with an element, whichever element they possess.~


The  Components-

~Components are the ordinary elementalists, the ones who have the inside shining on the out. They don't have ranks among themselves, and everyone works together and in unison.~

Riaka Belle Lumiere: a charming young girl with luminiscent blue eyes, and brown hair. She is very tomboyish, however, and will not stand anybody who babies her. She's perfectly happy being a Component, and wouldn't go over to the Darkens for a million dollars. Nope. Riaka, or Ria for short, is very unpredictable; sometimes she's immature, sometimes she's mature, sometimes she's quiet, sometimes she's annoying. She's not bipolar, it's just that Riaka doesn't like to stay the same thing for too long. Riaka's element is fire; and she LOVES it. She loves to just talk to the fire as if it were a pet sometimes, and the fire keeps her warm. She hates the cold, and, consequently, hates Ilyana Desdemona, a Darken who controls Ice ("Who the heck wants the element Ice so badly? Only that witch, Ilyana!"). Over all, Riaka is a nice girl with a attitude problem, but loves her friends and family very much.

Waverly- A tall girl with brown hair that is very wavey, and a bit curly even. It has a reddish golden tint. Her nose is the normal shape, and her lips are the pouty shape. Her eyes are a dark brown color, and very beautiful. Her whole face, including her hair, is beautiful. She is fifteen years old. Her element is the ability to control fire, for she cherishes fire. Fire is like a part of her, like half of her soul. She adores the heat, and humid weather, and the sun shining. Waverly is a kind and smart girl. She's not careless, and never headstrong. She gets exasperated sometimes and irritated and may sometimes snap, but she is pretty nice overall. You might find her say something sarcastic every once in a while, too. (Picture by *omgwtfboom on Deviantart.com)

Lance Trent- A boy with unusual royal blue hair. He's five feet and seven inches tall, being fifteen years old. He has blue eyes, slightly lighter than his hair. His skin is normal looking, a bit tanned. He's very handsome. He always wears a scarf, usually his blue one. Some might call it weird but he even wears it in the summer. His element is ice, which means he can control snow, ice, and other things related to that. He feels a bit nervous, and would like to speak his mind, but just can't. He has a problem with nervousness. He wants to show his feelings; compassion, sympathy, kindness. And whenever he tries to do any of those things he feels awkward. He might come of as a serious guy, who doesn't like having fun, but he's not. Sure, he's serious, and usually doesn't make jokes, but he knows how to have fun, and if you looked deep into his eyes, you would see his feelings. He might be able to put a cover over his heart, but his eyes don't lie. His smile is nice, but he usually doesn't have a huge grin. He's agile and swift, and is a quick-thinker. He's mostly laid-back, and doesn't act obnoxious and almost never shouts. The best thing about him is that he's protective. He will protect you at all costs if he cares about you. It might surprise you to find he cares about you, because he doesn't trust many. His mother and father died in a car crash, so he was an orphan. He eventually got adopted and when he unlocked who he was on the inside, he became a Component. The most mysterious thing is that he holds a deep secret, one which no one would guess. He hasn't told anyone about it. He will sometimes murmur in his sleep "How could he do that? I trusted him...". It has something to do with the secret.


The Despairs


...They are out to hurt us, to make our lives miserable. That is the reason of so much sadness. And they have unbelievable dark power. A lot of which even the Darkens do not know about...


Selim Rau: The Ruler of the Destroyers. Yes, he may look young, around the age of 9, in fact; but his heart is darker than any of a child. Many have wondered if he even has a heart at all. He has piercing gray-purple eyes with a hint of red, and short, neat black hair. Many, at first sight, think Selim is a pushover because he looks so small; but thinking that Selim is small and powerless is the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. As the Ruler of the Destroyers, he can control the Darkness, along with his own, original element of piercing ice; but he manipulates it in a way no one has ever done before. The shadows, when he controls them, have blood-red eyes and giant maws, reflections of the pride, avarice, wrath, and envy in his heart. Selim can see out of these eyes, and receive nourishment from what passed through the maws with jagged sharp teeth. However, even this terror has his faults; his shadows cannot be effective if there is no light at all, and his shadows will be cut off from any point if light is too bright. If there is no light at all, to make shadows with, then the shadows will simply be lurking in the darkness, waiting until a flash of light allows it to come out; in extremely bright light, the shadows Selim manipulates disintegrates until there is adequate lighting to make more darkness and shadows with again. From these shadows rise 'tentacles'; or rather more shaped like hands, or sometimes blades. When Selim wants to, these shadow-arms can cut through almost anything, from blades of grass to rocks to some types of metal. Selim's shadows can also sometimes be able to control some creatures; animals, probably, since humans are too smart to be able to be manipulated by these shadows. Selim is quite evil, of course. He enjoys the anguish and pain destruction causes, and ruins humans hearts and souls from within, along with help from his Sideman and the Melanise. To him, "screams of anguish are like lullabies to his ears." No one knows how such a small boy became a monster, but one thing is for sure; Selim Rau will make sure that as many people as possible will suffer, and have their hearts stolen from within.

~The Ruler's heart is full of darkness and misery and the Ruler wants to corrupt others, just as they are corrupted. They want to blot out all happiness and joy, and make the world disastrous. They have the dark element, besides their own main one.~


~The Sideman is the deputy of the Ruler. Like the Ruler, they are out to corrupt others. The Sideman can do a lot of the same duties as the Ruler.~


Percy- Percy is a teenager, fifteen years old. He has bangs and messy pure black hair, most of which covers his face. His eyes are blue with a tint of turquoise. He mostly wears black, and never wears any bright and happy colors. He's dark and mysterious, and people don't understand him at all. They call him a black shadow of disaster. Lots of terrible things have happened in his life. Everyone that was important to him left him or died, and then he was an orphan. The Despairs recruited him, and he became the Crown. He tries to act like he doesn't care about anything and that he's a higher level than most, but deep inside he is just lost. He doesn't know what genuine happiness is like. He doesn't care much about the Destroyers' plans but is always thrust into arguments, plants, and so forth. People have never seen him do a single great act of mercy since he was recruited. He's not all merciless, as you could see if you looked into his soul, the dark soul though it is. His element is fire. His fire is blue to indicate his drowned out feelings.

~The Crown is a prince, and a young and corrupted boy, usually around the teenager years. He exercises much authority.~


~The Crowness is a girl around the teenager years, like the Crown. She lives in a dark hole of sadness. She has as much power as the Crown.~


The Melanise is like the Mage, except the Melanise uses black magic and has the power of healing wounds, but also the power of breaking others insides, their true self; hence the name, which means blackening.~


The Darkens-

~The Darkens are the corrupted, the wretched. They are very sneaky and cruel and crafty. They follow the Destroyers orders, and have no staff amongst all of them.~

Ilyana Desdemona: a girl in her teenager years, around 17~18. She is a Darken, corrupted by shadows. She has very long silvery hair with a slight grayish-blue tint, and wears a cloak of sapphire blue that matches her eyes. She is drop-dead beautiful, as well, and Ilyana is quite flirty with males. An icy aura always follows her around, and she talks to people quite coldly; but then again, her element is the coldest of ice, that had been hibernating in her heart since forever. It takes a lot to melt the thick sheet of ice around her heart, meaning that it's severely difficult to make friends with Ilyana. Even with men, though she may be flirty, she will never be friends with them. Ilyana is very picky, too, with likes and dislikes; and far more dislikes than likes. In other words, Ilyana is a true Darken, and probably always will be...


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