~A Perfect Harmony~

A perfect heart, the purest light.

When you have a perfect heart, there is perfect harmony. People may judge by outside beauty, but have they seen the inside? The inside is like the most beautiful flower, a fragile flower. If people unlock what they have on the inside, it will come out on the outside. And when it does, they will find their innermost power. People will be able to be at peace with the elements. Plants, water, fire, snow, lightning, and much more. They will find themselves able to control those elements, and even talk to them; in a different way than speaking out loud. They will see nature in it's true form, more beautiful than anything we have ever seen.

And then their are those who battle with their inside so much that it is blocked out. A dark force, a black power like a shadowed sun. A shattered life. They have power to control things too. To corrupt nature and even control light, making it darkness.

There are Protectors, too. They watch over us and help us, and they have the most power of any of us over the elements. Destroyers are the opposite. They help the dark forces to go on with their deeds, and like the Protectors, have a lot of power.


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